The Journey

The Breaking Balls Brewing Journey

A tale of five mates and a shared passion

Our journey begins in the mid 2000’s when a shared love of after-work-drinks, fried chicken and MSG in corporate Melbourne led to the solidification of a friendship group that has endured to this day despite differing career paths and geographic localities.

Like any good group of mates, the Breaking Balls crew has always made time to get together over a couple of frothies, with each of us sharing a strong passion for the many wonderful properties that beer provides. When our Chief Brewing Officer decided to take this passion to the next level by testing grain brewing techniques in his apartment during COVID-19 lockdowns, Breaking Balls Brewing Co was born.

The name Breaking Balls was derived from the nickname of our Chief Brewing Officer, Moonballs, later shortened to Balls for ease-of-use and humorous qualities.


 There are only two types of people in this world; those who’s balls are broken and those who’s balls will soon be broken.  Life’s trials and tribulations are best shared. So, grab a carton of Breaking Balls Brewing Co cold ones and enjoy with your mates, just as we do.